About Studio-X

image Studio-X is owned by Australian photographer Roselyn Poon who recently relocated to Las Vegas. Roselyn is passionate about helping people to appreciate themselves and she does this via her public speaking, writing and photography. She believes that everyone is beautiful and worthy and that sometimes we just need a little help.

Working with Roselyn is award winning designer and artist, Bunker Hill. Bunker's goals are to make every woman beautiful and every man charismatic using his intuitive creative talent and post-production skills.

The following is a quote from a thank-you letter we recently received from our client Nikki G.:
"I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin as when Roselyn was photographing me. Not only did she capture what I thought I lost years ago, but she reminded me of how beautiful, important and unique I am."

Studio-X FOTO Art Experience

image Before Roselyn starts taking photographs of you, she will sit with your for a couple of hours discussing what is important to you and what it is you would like to see in the finished photographs.

Immediately after the personal consultation, Roselyn will run off 80 - 100 photographs of you; this is referred to as the preliminary test photo shoot. Roselyn will then spend a couple of hours with our art director and post-production wizard, Bunker Hill. They will discuss the best angles, lighting, make-up, colors and styles for you. This preparation makes certain that the final production photo shoot is everything that you and they want it to be.

At Studio-X we are fully aware that not everyone is relaxed in front of the camera so we provide a couple of optional extras to help you relax. On the day of the final production photo shoot you are more than welcome to order a massage, champagne and even a limousine to take you to and from the studio. We want you to remember this day with happiness and joy forever.

The final production photo shoot is usually a week after the initial consultation and takes approximately 4 - 5 hours. Prior to the final production photo shoot we will provide you with a check list of do's and don'ts and things to bring with you. e.g. don't wear anything tight on the day that could leave marks such as socks or bra straps, and try to avoid suntan lines.

A professional make-up artist and hairdresser will prepare you for the first style, and they will attend to YOU throughout the photo shoot. Quite often you will undergo several style changes which include hair, make-up, clothes, and vignettes.

A few days after the final shoot, you will sit with Bunker for a couple of hours viewing the photographs, and deciding on which ones you would like him to develop further for inclusion in your personal photographic collection.

Bunker will take the selected photographs and spend many hours turning them into FOTOART. The prost production ranges from simple removal of blemishes to turning your image into an oil painting or full blown pin-up image.

The FOTOART Experience gives you great memories, a new appreciation for how amazing you are and 10 beautiful images. The quality of these images are such that they can easily be enlarged and printed on art canvas 5' x 5' or printed in a magazine.

This is a wonderfully rewarding experience. Call Roselyn and speak with her personally to find out more about Studio-X and how we can help you to get closer to being everything you are meant to be - 702-243-9514 or 949-241-3996.